Privacy Statement

NOTE: This statement provides a brief summary of the Peel Valley Group Pty Ltd Privacy Policy and does not constitute the entire document.  Our detailed Privacy Policy is available via this link  privacypolicy.

This statement applies to the Peel Valley Group Pty Ltd and our related bodies corporate (Organisations) in relation to personal information collected by us.

Peel Valley Group is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information held in relation to our customers. The personal information we collect is limited to that which is reasonably necessary to meet your requirements. If we obtain information from third parties, we will take such steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to notify you.

We shall hold only the information necessary to provide, develop and market the products and services which we supply. While the majority of information collected, held and used by the Peel Valley Group is personal information, some more sensitive information (i.e. finance and insurance information) may be collected to enable the purchase of goods and services or to enable certain product features and benefits (agronomic and telemetric data). Naturally, a higher level of security and confidentiality will be applied to sensitive information.

We may need to pass information to related companies (such as insurance or finance companies), to enable them to provide additional services which you have requested. While we may use the information which we hold in marketing programs for the products and services which we supply, we will not provide information to any unrelated entity for the purpose of marketing. If you do not wish to receive marketing communications, which may include owner updates, special offers etc, please advise our staff.

We shall endeavor to ensure that all information which we hold is accurate and up-to-date. If you should become aware that information which we hold is not correct, we ask that you advise us at your earliest opportunity so that we may amend our records accordingly.

At the Peel Valley Group the security of personal information held within our systems is of the utmost importance. We have in place policies and procedures to:

  •  Limit access to personal information to those staff members who need the information to meet your requirements;
  •  Provide our staff with education and training in relation to the Australian Privacy Principles; and
  •  Appropriately destroy or de-identify information which is no longer required by Peel Valley Group.

Upon your written request and adequate proof of identity, we would be happy to make available to you the information which we hold in relation to yourself. If you would like further information regarding our approach to your privacy or you are concerned in any way as to how the Peel Valley Group is managing your personal information, please feel free to contact our office at the address detailed below:
Contact Details for Peel Valley Group are: email:

Box 7006, New England MSC, NSW 2348 Telephone: (02) 6768 3111 Fax: (02) 6762 3369