Windrowers and Draper Platforms

Introducing the W170 Windrower

Swathing just got a little faster and a little easier with the new W170 Windrower. The 173-hp John Deere 4.5L engine keeps you moving through heavy crops and over hilly conditions. The optional swath compressor produces tight even swaths, and when it’s time to move to the next field, enjoy transport speeds up to 27 mph. Plus, get 30-percent more capacity with the new 45-ft 1445D, which features belts that are eight inches deeper than previous models.

Compare our Windrower Traction Units and Platforms

The 400D Draper Platforms for the W155 are available in 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 35-, and 40-ft widths with many options to improve performance for varying crop conditions and customer needs. The 1400D Draper Platforms for the W170 are available in the same widths plus a 45-ft option for even more capacity. These machines are designed to cut well on and off the ground. They also have a very strong reel to feed uniformly.

With the 994, 995 and 500R Rotary Platforms, your W200 Series Windrowers can deliver a quality cut and even windrows every time. On the new 500R, a new design converges more crop toward the center of the windrow for consistently even windrow formation. This reduces your dry down time without compromising cut quality.

Model HP Draper Platforms Auger Platforms Rotary Platforms



415D, 420D, 425D, 430D, 435D440D

160A, 160A Grass Seed, 180A




1415D, 1420D, 1425D, 1430D, 1435D, 1440D1445D

1160A, 1160A Grass Seed, 1180A




525D, 530D536D


994, 995500R



525D, 530D536D


994, 995500R

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